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Greetings from Team Help Buddy!!, All associates those who made Provide Help till 16th February 2017, using base currency Bit coin your orders are out please check your back office.Next Orders will be released on 23rd February 2017 at 7:00 AM GMT. We appreciate your love and kindness towards www.helpbuddy.org Regards Team Help Buddy

WHAT IS Help Buddy

What is Help Buddy

First of all, it is important that you know what Help Buddy is not. It is nothing like a bank which collects money, or a business running online. It is also absolutely different from a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP), a normal investment or an MLM program. It does not have a central party or an intermediary.
Help Buddy is simply a community composed of people willing to help each other. It is just a technical program that brings together millions of interested participants from different parts of the world. With the help of this online platform, people who need help find people who are interested in PROVIDING FREE HELP, and people who want to provide help find people who are interested in receiving it.

The funds that you transfer to another participant’s account are just the help that you freely and willingly provide them with. Even though you may be absolutely sure that you have decided with confidence to join our community, it is of critical importance that you first thoroughly go through the instructions as well as the warnings.


Help Buddy is nothing but a community of people helping one another financially solely on the principle of generosity, cooperation and benignity. Help Buddy does not need you to sign contracts or pledge belongings. It does not involve any loans and debts. One person asks for help, and another provides it. This is as simple as it can get.

Help Buddy does not ask its participants of anything but to remain genuine and generous to the other participants. When you need monetary help, you ask for it. Similarly, when you are able to help, you do.

Read carefully!

Help Buddy does not have any intermediate account in which money in the system can be collected (and from which the money could have been stolen from). The money remains in millions of accounts owned by the participants themselves. The transfer of funds takes place directly between the participants. (What would we need a central party for?) Help Buddy is only responsible for regulation of the whole process.

You can be sure, therefore, that the system is entirely in the hands of the participants who willingly help each other.

Going into the technical functionality as soon as you declare that you are willing to help by clicking the “Provide Help” button in your Personal Office your account is credited with Units. These Units keep growing at a rate ranging from 90% to 120 % in 30 days. (The interest is calculated every day at 09:00 GMT.) This sum signifies in terms of Units the maximum amount of money that you are allowed to withdraw at any time.

In case you are wondering what the scale of 105% to 120% signifies, we encourage the participation of people in Help Buddy by gifting them several kinds of extras. This is important to make Help Buddy useful for the participants. In this way, the participants can get 120% interest in 30 days.

This model of Help Buddy Extras is a collection of online tasks that can be found in your Personal Office (PO). By performing these tasks, you can make the Unit in your account grow up to 120% every month. Once you have bought special Units (Extra-Bonus) from your PO, you can find numerous web-tasks currently available in the Help Buddy-Extra Section. Regular completion of these tasks leads to regular growth of your Units. These tasks are accompanied by all the necessary instructions, useful screenshots and advices, easing the process further for you. It is very simple to perform these activities, and if you do not perform any of these tasks, your Unit grow only at a rate of 3.00% to 4.00% daily according to your plan.

For instance, supposing that you have declared that you will to provide Units 10000 as help, your account is credited with Units 10000 , which immediately start growing and increase in amount every day. The rate of this growth of Unit is directly dependent on your activity. That is to say, performance of facebook-task every day gives your Units a growth rate of 3.50% to 4% every day. This means that a month later your Units 10000 may have become Units 22000.

Retrieval of money through your Units, however, does not need to wait for the end of the month. You can request help, whenever you need it, as long as your Unit have been confirmed. By “confirmation”, we mean the real transfer of funds into another participant’s account (not just the declaration of willingness to help). You are sent an order in your Personal Office to provide help, and failure to transfer the funds within 48 hours removes you from the system.

Please note that the extra Units per month should not be considered a yield (because we are a mutual aid fund, and you are not investing), and there does not stand a promise or guarantee of its payment. You can read the Warning for further clarity in the subject.

Attention! First be sure to read the Warning!

Greetings from Team Help Buddy !!

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All associates those who made Provide Help till 16th February 2017 and using base currency Bit coin your orders are out please check your back office.
Next Orders will be released on 23rd February 2017 at
7:00 AM GMT.

To earn quick bonus complete your orders within 6 hours to earn 3% extra quick bonus.

We appreciate your love and kindness towards www.helpbuddy.org
Regards Team Help Buddy